Know My Name by Chanel Miller

She was known to the world as Emily Doe when she stunned millions with a letter. Brock Turner had been sentenced to just six months in county jail after he was found sexually assaulting her on Stanford’s campus. Her victim impact statement was posted on BuzzFeed, where it instantly went viral–viewed by eleven million people within four days, it was translated globally and read on the floor of Congress; it inspired changes in California law and the recall of the judge in the case. Thousands wrote to say that she had given them the courage to share their own experiences of assault for the first time.

Title: Know My Name
Author: Chanel Miller
Publication Date: 24th September 2019
Pages: 368
Genre: Biography Memoir Non Fiction

“It is not a question if you will survive this, but what beautiful things await you when you do.”

This is a memoir of a survivor. Chanel Miller was sexually assaulted in 2015 on Stanford’s campus and this is her journey as she struggles to reclaim her identity on the aftermath. To say this book is raw and unflinchingly honest, wouldn’t be enough to describe Miller’s empowering words. We get to witness by her words and her memories the injustice not only of the judicial system but the criticism from people that never even met her for something she never dreamed could happen. There’s pain and distress on her writing but there’s also resilience and strength.
I have no words to describe all the feelings that this book awakened, but I know everyone should read it. 

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